Amazon Glacier Customizations#

X-Amz-Glacier-Version header#

A client for Amazon Glacier MUST set the X-Amz-Glacier-Version header to the value of the service shape's version property for all requests.

Default value for accountId#

Many operations in Amazon Glacier have an accountId member that is bound to the URI. Customers can specify the string "-" to indicate that the account making the request should be used. Since this is what customers usually want, clients SHOULD set this value by default.

Default checksum generation#

When uploading an archive as part of the UploadArchive or UploadMultipartPart operations, the X-Amz-Content-Sha256 and X-Amz-Sha256-Tree-Hash headers MUST be set. Since the logic for computing these headers is static, clients SHOULD populate them by default. See computing checksums for details on how to calculate the values for these headers.