Class CodegenDirector<W extends SymbolWriter<W,? extends ImportContainer>,I extends SmithyIntegration<S,W,C>,C extends CodegenContext<S,W,I>,S>

Type Parameters:
W - Type of SymbolWriter used to generate code.
I - Type of SmithyIntegration to apply.
C - Type of CodegenContext to create and use.
S - Type of settings object to pass to directed methods.

public final class CodegenDirector<W extends SymbolWriter<W,? extends ImportContainer>,I extends SmithyIntegration<S,W,C>,C extends CodegenContext<S,W,I>,S> extends Object
Performs directed code generation of a DirectedCodegen.
  • Constructor Details

    • CodegenDirector

      public CodegenDirector()
  • Method Details

    • simplifyModelForServiceCodegen

      public static Model simplifyModelForServiceCodegen(Model model, ShapeId service, ModelTransformer transformer)
      Simplifies a Smithy model for code generation of a single service.
      • Flattens error hierarchies onto every operation.
      • Flattens mixins

      Note: This transform is applied automatically by a code generator if performDefaultCodegenTransforms() is set to true.

      model - Model being code generated.
      service - Service being generated.
      transformer - Model transformer to use.
      Returns the updated model.
    • integrationClass

      public void integrationClass(Class<I> integrationClass)
      Sets the required class used for SmithyIntegrations.
      integrationClass - SmithyIntegration class.
    • service

      public void service(ShapeId service)
      Sets the required service being generated.
      service - Service to generate.
    • directedCodegen

      public void directedCodegen(DirectedCodegen<C,S,I> directedCodegen)
      Sets the required DirectedCodegen implementation to invoke.
      directedCodegen - Directed code generator to run.
    • model

      public void model(Model model)
      Sets the required model to generate from.
      model - Model to generate from.
    • settings

      public void settings(S settings)
      Sets the required settings object used for code generation.

      integrationSettings MUST also be set.

      settings - Settings object.
    • settings

      public S settings(Class<S> settingsType, Node settingsNode)
      Sets the required settings object used for code generation using a Node.

      A Node value is used by Smithy-Build plugins to configure settings. This method is a helper method that uses Smithy's fairly simple object-mapper to deserialize a node into the desired settings type. You will need to manually deserialize your settings if using types that are not supported by Smithy's NodeMapper.

      This will also set integrationSettings if the integrations key is present.

      settingsType - Settings type to deserialize into.
      settingsNode - Settings node value to deserialize.
      Returns the deserialized settings as this is needed to provide a service shape ID.
    • integrationSettings

      public void integrationSettings(ObjectNode integrationSettings)
      Sets the settings node to be passed to integrations.

      Generators MUST set this with the integrations key from their plugin settings.

           "version": "1.0",
           "projections": {
               "codegen-projection": {
                   "plugins": {
                       "code-generator": {
                           "service": "com.example#DocumentedService",
                           "integrations": {
                               "my-integration": {
                                   "example-setting": "foo"

      In this example, the value of the integrations key is what must be passed to this method. The value of the my-integration key will then be provided to an integration with the name my-integration.

      integrationSettings - Settings used to configure integrations.
    • fileManifest

      public void fileManifest(FileManifest fileManifest)
      Sets the required file manifest used to write files to disk.
      fileManifest - File manifest to write files.
    • integrationFinder

      public void integrationFinder(Supplier<Iterable<I>> integrationFinder)
      Sets a custom implementation for finding SmithyIntegrations.

      Most implementations can use integrationClassLoader(ClassLoader).

      integrationFinder - Smithy integration finder.
    • integrationClassLoader

      public void integrationClassLoader(ClassLoader classLoader)
      Sets a custom class loader for finding implementations of SmithyIntegration.
      classLoader - Class loader to find integrations.* @return Returns self.
    • performDefaultCodegenTransforms

      public void performDefaultCodegenTransforms()
    • createDedicatedInputsAndOutputs

      public void createDedicatedInputsAndOutputs()
      Generates dedicated input and output shapes for every operation if the operation doesn't already have them.

      This method uses "Input" as the default suffix for input, and "Output" as the default suffix for output shapes. Use createDedicatedInputsAndOutputs(String, String) to use custom suffixes.

      See Also:
    • createDedicatedInputsAndOutputs

      public void createDedicatedInputsAndOutputs(String inputSuffix, String outputSuffix)
      Generates dedicated input and output shapes for every operation if the operation doesn't already have them.
      inputSuffix - Suffix to use for input shapes (e.g., "Input").
      outputSuffix - Suffix to use for output shapes (e.g., "Output").
      See Also:
    • changeStringEnumsToEnumShapes

      public void changeStringEnumsToEnumShapes(boolean synthesizeEnumNames)
      Changes each compatible string shape with the enum trait to an enum shape.
      synthesizeEnumNames - Whether enums without names should have names synthesized if possible.
      See Also:
    • shapeGenerationOrder

      public void shapeGenerationOrder(ShapeGenerationOrder order)
      Sets the shapes order for code generation.

      CodegenDirector order the shapes appropriately before passing them to the code generators. The default order is topological, and can be overridden with this method

      order - the order to use for the shape generation process.
    • sortMembers

      public void sortMembers()
      Sorts all members of the model prior to codegen.

      This should only be used by languages where changing the order of members in a structure or union is a backward compatible change (i.e., not C, C++, Rust, etc). Once this is performed, there's no need to ever explicitly sort members throughout the rest of code generation.

    • run

      public void run()
      Finalizes the Runner and performs directed code generation.
      IllegalStateException - if a required value has not been provided.