Interface CodegenContext<S,W extends SymbolWriter<W,?>,I extends SmithyIntegration<S,W,?>>

Type Parameters:
S - The settings object used to configure the generator.
W - The type of SymbolWriter used by the generator.
I - The type of SmithyIntegrations used by the generator.

public interface CodegenContext<S,W extends SymbolWriter<W,?>,I extends SmithyIntegration<S,W,?>>
A context object that can be used during code generation and is used by SmithyIntegration.
  • Method Details

    • model

      Model model()
      Gets the model being code generated.
    • settings

      S settings()
      Gets code generation settings.
    • symbolProvider

      SymbolProvider symbolProvider()
      Gets the SymbolProvider used for code generation.
    • fileManifest

      FileManifest fileManifest()
      Gets the FileManifest being written to for code generation.
    • writerDelegator

      WriterDelegator<W> writerDelegator()
      Get the WriterDelegator used for generating code.

      Generates might need other delegators for specific purposes, and it's fine to add more methods for those specific purposes. If an implementation uses a specific subclass of a WriterDelegator, implementations can override this method to return a more specific WriterDelegator type.

      Returns the writer delegator used by the generator.
    • integrations

      List<I> integrations()
      Gets the SmithyIntegrations used for code generation.