Class TopicBinding<T extends Trait>


public final class TopicBinding<T extends Trait> extends Object
Contains computed information about the resolved MQTT topic bindings of an operation.

Smithy models can contain a number of MQTT topics that are formed by the publish and subscribe traits. Each of these traits resolves to a single MQTT topic.

This class abstracts away the process of computing the payload of an MQTT operation. Each topic binding provides the following information:

  • The operation in the model that created the binding.
  • The MQTT topic.
  • The payload shape that forms the payload of the topic.
  • The optionally present input structure of the operation, which provides information like topic label bindings.

@smithy.mqtt#publish topics

Operations marked with @smithy.mqtt#publish resolve to a single topic that is defined by topic property of the trait.

subscribe topics

Operations marked with subscribe resolve to a single topic that is defined by the topic property of the trait.

Payload resolution

The payload binding of a topic binding can be resolved to either no payload (e.g., publish operations with no input shape), a structure payload, or a member of a structure. The target of a specific event shape member can be used as a payload in subscribe operations where an event member is marked with the eventPayload trait.
  • Method Details

    • getOperationMqttTrait

      public static Optional<? extends Trait> getOperationMqttTrait(Shape operation)
      Finds the MQTT binding trait associated with an operation.
      operation - Operation to check.
      Returns the optionally found MQTT binding trait.
    • getMqttTrait

      public T getMqttTrait()
      Gets the trait that formed the binding of the operation to MQTT for this topic.

      The provided trait will be either an instance of PublishTrait or SubscribeTrait.

      Returns the MQTT trait binding.
    • getOperation

      public OperationShape getOperation()
      Gets the operation shape related to the topic bindings.
      Returns the operation that has topic bindings.
    • getTopic

      public Topic getTopic()
      Gets the resolved topic of the binding.
      Returns the resolved topic.
    • getInput

      @Deprecated public Optional<StructureShape> getInput()
      Use getInputShape instead.
      Gets the input shape related to this operation.
      Returns the optional input shape.
    • getInputShape

      public StructureShape getInputShape()
      Gets the input shape related to this operation.
      Returns the input shape.
    • getPayloadShape

      public Optional<Shape> getPayloadShape()
      Gets the payload shape of the topic.

      The payload shape is either a structure for a single-event event stream, or a union for a multi-event event stream.

      Returns the optional payload target.
    • conflictsWith

      public boolean conflictsWith(TopicBinding<?> other)
      Returns true if the topic binding conflicts with another.

      A topic binding is considered conflicting if both bindings have conflicting topics determined through Topic.conflictsWith( and the topic bindings utilize a different payload. If both topics do not have a payload then they are not conflicting. If both topics have a payload, but they target the same shape, then they are not conflicting.

      other - Other topic binding to compare against.
      Returns true if the topic bindings conflict.
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