All Implemented Interfaces:
FromSourceLocation, ToNode, ToShapeId, Trait

public final class NoAuthTrait extends AnnotationTrait
An auth scheme trait for smithy.api#noAuth which indicates no authentication. This is not a real trait in the semantic model, but a valid auth scheme for use in ServiceIndex.getEffectiveAuthSchemes( with ServiceIndex.AuthSchemeMode.NO_AUTH_AWARE.
  • Field Details

    • ID

      public static final ShapeId ID
  • Constructor Details

    • NoAuthTrait

      public NoAuthTrait()
  • Method Details

    • isSynthetic

      public boolean isSynthetic()
      Description copied from interface: Trait
      Checks if this trait is persisted with the shape, or if it is a synthetic, or transient trait, only meant to temporarily aid in some kind of in-memory model transformation.

      Because synthetic traits are not persisted with shapes, they also do not need to be defined in Smithy's semantic model before they can be used in the model.

      Returns true if the trait is not persisted on the shape.