All Implemented Interfaces:
ToNode, ToSmithyBuilder<TraceFile>

public final class TraceFile extends Object implements ToNode, ToSmithyBuilder<TraceFile>
Class that represents the contents of a Smithy trace file. TraceFile's require a smithyTrace file version number, TraceMetadata, and Map from ShapeId to a List of ShapeLink objects. TraceFile's optionally have a ArtifactDefinitions object. TraceFile handles parsing, serialization and deserialization of a Smithy trace file.
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    • fromNode

      public static TraceFile fromNode(Node value)
      Converts ObjectNode into TraceFile.
      value - an ObjectNode that represents the entire trace file.
      TraceFile produced from an ObjectNode.
    • builder

      public static TraceFile.Builder builder()
    • toNode

      public ObjectNode toNode()
      Converts TraceFile instance variables into an ObjectNode.
      Specified by:
      toNode in interface ToNode
      ObjectNode representation of a TraceFile.
    • validateModel

      public void validateModel(Model model)
      Parses model and determines whether the trace file object meets the specs of the model by checking if the trace file contains all the ShapeIds in the model and the model contains all the ShapeIDs in the trace file.
      model - the Smithy model to validate the trace file against.
      ExpectationNotMetException - if model contains a ShapeID not in TraceFile or TraceFile contains a ShapeID not in model.
    • getSmithyTrace

      public String getSmithyTrace()
      Gets this TraceFile's smithyTrace. The smithyTrace String contains the Smithy trace file version number.
      a String representing trace file ID.
    • getMetadata

      public TraceMetadata getMetadata()
      Gets this TraceFile's TraceMetadata.
      a TraceMetadata object.
    • getArtifactDefinitions

      public Optional<ArtifactDefinitions> getArtifactDefinitions()
      Gets this TraceFile's Definitions.
      an Optional Definitions container that contains this TraceFile's Definition or isEmpty if Definition's has not been set.
    • getShapes

      public Map<ShapeId,List<ShapeLink>> getShapes()
      Gets this TraceFile's Shapes map. The shapes Map provides a mapping of absolute Smithy shape IDs to a list of shape link objects. A single Smithy shape can be responsible for generating multiple components in the target artifact.
      a Map from ShapeIDs to a list of ShapeLink's that represents the contents of the shapes tag in the trace file.
    • toBuilder

      public TraceFile.Builder toBuilder()
      Take this object and create a builder that contains all of the current property values of this object.
      Specified by:
      toBuilder in interface ToSmithyBuilder<TraceFile>
      a builder for type T