Class TaggableApiConfig

All Implemented Interfaces:
FromSourceLocation, ToNode, ToSmithyBuilder<TaggableApiConfig>

public final class TaggableApiConfig extends Object implements FromSourceLocation, ToNode, ToSmithyBuilder<TaggableApiConfig>
Structure representing the configuration of resource specific tagging APIs.
  • Method Details

    • builder

      public static TaggableApiConfig.Builder builder()
      Creates a builder used to build an TaggableApiConfig.
      Returns the created builder.
    • getTagApi

      public ShapeId getTagApi()
      Gets the ShapeId of the operation which implements TagResource behavior.
      the ShapeId of the tag operation for the resource
    • getUntagApi

      public ShapeId getUntagApi()
      Gets the ShapeId of the operation which implements UntagResource behavior.
      the ShapeId of the untag operation for the resource
    • getListTagsApi

      public ShapeId getListTagsApi()
      Gets the ShapeId of the operation which implements ListTagsForResource behavior for the resource.
      the ShapeId of the list tags operation for the resource
    • getSourceLocation

      public SourceLocation getSourceLocation()
      Description copied from interface: FromSourceLocation
      Gets the source location of a value.
      Specified by:
      getSourceLocation in interface FromSourceLocation
      Returns the source location of the value.
    • toBuilder

      public TaggableApiConfig.Builder toBuilder()
      Description copied from interface: ToSmithyBuilder
      Take this object and create a builder that contains all of the current property values of this object.
      Specified by:
      toBuilder in interface ToSmithyBuilder<TaggableApiConfig>
      a builder for type T
    • toNode

      public Node toNode()
      Description copied from interface: ToNode
      Converts a value to a Node.
      Specified by:
      toNode in interface ToNode
      Returns the creates Node.
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object o)
      equals in class Object
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class Object