Interface ValidationEventDecorator

public interface ValidationEventDecorator
Validation event decorators take validation events and transform them by adding more contextual information, usually adding a hint to let the user know what can it be done to solve the issue. This might add context specific information that is not relevant for all cases such as links to internal knowledge sites or explicit instructions relevant only to the context where Smithy is being used.
  • Field Details

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    • canDecorate

      boolean canDecorate(ValidationEvent ev)
      Returns true if this decorator knows how to decorate this event, usually by looking at the event id.
      ev - The event to test against
      true if this decorator knows how to decorate this event
    • decorate

      Takes an event and potentially updates it to decorate it. Returns the same event if this decorators does not know how to handle the event.
      The decorated event or the original one if no decoration took place.
    • compose

      Creates a decorator composed of one or more decorators.
      decorators - Decorators to compose.
      Returns the composed decorator.