Class SmithyIdlModelSerializer


public final class SmithyIdlModelSerializer extends Object
Serializes a Model into a set of Smithy IDL files.
  • Method Details

    • serialize

      public Map<Path,String> serialize(Model model)
      Serializes a Model into a set of Smithy IDL files.

      The output is a mapping

      By default the paths are relative paths where each namespace is given its own file in the form "namespace.smithy". This is configurable via the shape placer, which can place shapes into absolute paths.

      If the model contains no shapes, or all shapes are filtered out, then a single path "metadata.smithy" will be present. This will contain only any defined metadata.

      model - The model to serialize.
      A map of (possibly relative) file paths to Smithy IDL strings.
    • builder

      public static SmithyIdlModelSerializer.Builder builder()
      Returns a builder used to create a SmithyIdlModelSerializer
    • placeShapesByNamespace

      public static Path placeShapesByNamespace(Shape shape)
      Sorts shapes into files based on their namespace, where each file is named {namespace}.smithy.
      shape - The shape to assign a file to.
      Returns the file the given shape should be placed in.