Interface ApiGatewayMapper

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public interface ApiGatewayMapper extends OpenApiMapper
An API Gateway mapper that only applies when the type of API being converted matches the types of APIs handled by the mapper.
  • Method Details

    • getApiTypes

      Gets the types of API Gateway APIs that this mapper applies to.

      Return an empty list or null to apply to all possible API types other than ApiGatewayConfig.ApiType.DISABLED. However, note that it's typically safer to specify the exact API types that the mapper supports.

      Returns the list of API Gateway API types to apply to.
    • wrap

      static OpenApiMapper wrap(ApiGatewayMapper delegate)
      Wraps and delegates to an ApiGatewayMapper IFF the configured ApiGatewayConfig.ApiType matches the types of APIs that the wrapped mapper applies to.
      delegate - Mapper to delegate to when it applies to the configured API type.
      Returns the wrapped mapper.