Class CoverageChecker


public final class CoverageChecker extends Object
Analyzer for determining coverage of a rule-set.
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    • evaluateInput

      public void evaluateInput(Map<Identifier,Value> input)
      Evaluates the rule-set with the given inputs to determine rule coverage.
      input - the map parameters and inputs to test coverage.
    • evaluateTestCase

      public void evaluateTestCase(EndpointTestCase testCase)
      Evaluate the rule-set using the given test case to determine rule coverage.
      testCase - the test case to evaluate.
    • checkCoverage

      public Stream<CoverageChecker.CoverageResult> checkCoverage()
      Analyze coverage for the rule-set, providing results when coverage is found.
      returns a stream of CoverageChecker.CoverageResult.