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public final class OpenApiJsonAdd extends Object implements OpenApiMapper
Adds JSON values into the generated OpenAPI model using a JSON Patch like "add" operation that also generated intermediate objects as needed. Any existing property is overwritten.

This mapper is applied using the contents of openapi.jsonAdd. This is run after substitutions so it is unaffected by them.

  • Constructor Details

    • OpenApiJsonAdd

      public OpenApiJsonAdd()
  • Method Details

    • getOrder

      public byte getOrder()
      Description copied from interface: OpenApiMapper
      Gets the sort order of the plugin from -128 to 127.

      Plugins are applied according to this sort order. Lower values are executed before higher values (for example, -128 comes before 0, comes before 127). Plugins default to 0, which is the middle point between the minimum and maximum order values.

      Specified by:
      getOrder in interface OpenApiMapper
      Returns the sort order, defaulting to 0.
    • updateNode

      public ObjectNode updateNode(Context<? extends Trait> context, OpenApi openapi, ObjectNode node)
      Description copied from interface: OpenApiMapper
      Modifies the Node/JSON representation of an OpenAPI object.
      Specified by:
      updateNode in interface OpenApiMapper
      context - Conversion context.
      openapi - OpenAPI object being converted to a node.
      node - OpenAPI object node.
      Returns the updated ObjectNode.