Class CheckForGreedyLabels

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public class CheckForGreedyLabels extends Object implements OpenApiMapper
Checks for greedy labels and fails/warns depending on configuration.

Some vendors like API Gateway support greedy labels in the form of "{foo+}", while others do not.

  • Constructor Details

    • CheckForGreedyLabels

      public CheckForGreedyLabels()
  • Method Details

    • getOrder

      public byte getOrder()
      Description copied from interface: OpenApiMapper
      Gets the sort order of the plugin from -128 to 127.

      Plugins are applied according to this sort order. Lower values are executed before higher values (for example, -128 comes before 0, comes before 127). Plugins default to 0, which is the middle point between the minimum and maximum order values.

      Specified by:
      getOrder in interface OpenApiMapper
      Returns the sort order, defaulting to 0.
    • after

      public OpenApi after(Context<? extends Trait> context, OpenApi openApi)
      Description copied from interface: OpenApiMapper
      Updates an OpenApi object after it is built.
      Specified by:
      after in interface OpenApiMapper
      context - Conversion context.
      openApi - OpenAPI object to modify.
      Returns the updated OpenApi object.