Interface Smithy2OpenApiExtension

All Known Implementing Classes:
ApiGatewayExtension, CoreExtension

public interface Smithy2OpenApiExtension
An extension mechanism used to influence how Smithy models are converted to OpenAPI models.

Implementations of this interface are discovered through Java SPI.

  • Method Details

    • getSecuritySchemeConverters

      default List<SecuritySchemeConverter<? extends Trait>> getSecuritySchemeConverters()
      Registers additional security scheme converters.
      Returns the converters to register.
    • getProtocols

      default List<OpenApiProtocol<? extends Trait>> getProtocols()
      Registers additional protocols that handle serialization and deserialization.
      Returns the protocols to register.
    • getOpenApiMappers

      default List<OpenApiMapper> getOpenApiMappers()
      Registers OpenAPI mappers, classes used to modify and extend the process of converting a Smithy model to OpenAPI.
      Returns the mappers to register.
    • getJsonSchemaMappers

      default List<JsonSchemaMapper> getJsonSchemaMappers()
      Registers JsonSchema mappers that are used to modify JsonSchema definitions created from a Smithy model.
      Returns the mappers to register.