Class ServiceValidator

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public final class ServiceValidator extends AbstractValidator
Validates that service closures do not contain duplicate case-insensitive shape names. The rename property of the service is used to deconflict shapes.

This validator allows some kinds of conflicts when they are likely inconsequential. Some classes of conflicts are permitted, and in those cases a WARNING or NOTE is emitted. A conflict is permitted if the shapes are the same type; the two shapes are either a simple shape, list, or set; both shapes have the same exact traits; and both shapes have equivalent members (that is, the members follow these same rules). Permitted conflicts detected between simple shapes are emitted as a NOTE, permitted conflicts detected on other shapes are emitted as a WARNING, and other conflicts are emitted as ERROR.

  • Constructor Details

    • ServiceValidator

      public ServiceValidator()
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    • validate

      public List<ValidationEvent> validate(Model model)
      Description copied from interface: Validator
      Validates a model and returns a list of validation events.
      model - Model to validate.
      List of validation events.