Class OperationValidator

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public final class OperationValidator extends AbstractValidator
Validates operation inputs, outputs, and the use of input and output traits.
  • Emits an OperationInputOutputMisuse ERROR when a structure marked with the input trait or output trait is used in other contexts than input or output, or reused by multiple operations.
  • Emits an OperationInputOutputName WARNING when the input or output shape name does not start with the name of the operation that targets it (if any).
  • Emits an OperationNameAmbiguity WARNING when a shape has a name that starts with the name of an operation and the name ends with Input, Output, Request, or Response but is not used as the input or output of an operation.
  • Constructor Details

    • OperationValidator

      public OperationValidator()
  • Method Details

    • validate

      public List<ValidationEvent> validate(Model model)
      Description copied from interface: Validator
      Validates a model and returns a list of validation events.
      model - Model to validate.
      List of validation events.