Class MissingPaginatedTraitValidator

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public final class MissingPaginatedTraitValidator extends AbstractValidator
Checks if an operation should be paginated but is not.
  1. Skip operations that are paginated
  2. Emit if an operation verb matches one of the verbsRequirePagination values
  3. Emit if an operation input member name matches one of the inputMembersRequirePagination values
  4. Emit if an operation output member name matches one of the outputMembersRequirePagination values
  5. Skip if the operation has no output
  6. Emit if the operation verb matches one of the verbsSuggestPagination and there's a top-level output member that targets a list.
  • Method Details

    • validate

      public List<ValidationEvent> validate(Model model)
      Description copied from interface: Validator
      Validates a model and returns a list of validation events.
      model - Model to validate.
      List of validation events.