Class ChangedMemberTarget

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public final class ChangedMemberTarget extends AbstractDiffEvaluator
Checks for changes in the shapes targeted by a member.

If the shape targeted by the member changes from a simple shape to a simple shape of the same type with the same traits, or a list or set that has a member that targets the shame exact shape and has the same traits, then the emitted event is a WARNING. If an enum trait is found on the old or newly targeted shape, then the event is an ERROR, because enum traits typically materialize as named types in codegen. All other changes are ERROR events.

  • Constructor Details

    • ChangedMemberTarget

      public ChangedMemberTarget()
  • Method Details

    • evaluate

      public List<ValidationEvent> evaluate(Differences differences)
      Description copied from interface: DiffEvaluator
      Returns validation events given two models and the detected differences between them.
      differences - Detected differences.
      Returns validation events that are relative to the new model.