Class Cli


public final class Cli extends Object
This class provides a basic CLI abstraction.

Why are we not using a library for this? Because parsing command line options isn't difficult, we don't need to take a dependency, this code uses no reflection to improve startup time. We can control exactly what CLI features are supported in case we want to migrate to a library or event a different language.

  • Constructor Details

    • Cli

      public Cli(Command command, ClassLoader classLoader)
      Creates a new CLI with the given name.
      command - CLI command to run.
      classLoader - ClassLoader to use when invoking commands.
  • Method Details

    • run

      public int run(String[] args)
      Execute the command line using the given arguments.
      args - Arguments to parse.
      Returns the exit code.
      CliError - on error.
    • colorFormatter

      public void colorFormatter(ColorFormatter colorFormatter)
    • stdout

      public void stdout(CliPrinter stdoutPrinter)
    • stderr

      public void stderr(CliPrinter stderrPrinter)