Class HttpChecksumTraitValidator

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public final class HttpChecksumTraitValidator extends AbstractValidator
Validates the HttpChecksum trait.
  • Validates that at least one of the request or response checksum behavior is configured.
  • Validates that the requestAlgorithmMember and requestChecksumModeMember properties point to valid input members.
  • Validates that the requestAlgorithmMember targeted member contains only supported algorithms.
  • Validates that the requestChecksumModeMember targeted member contains only supported modes.
  • Checks for conflicts with @httpHeader and @httpPrefixHeaders.
  • Constructor Details

    • HttpChecksumTraitValidator

      public HttpChecksumTraitValidator()
  • Method Details

    • validate

      public List<ValidationEvent> validate(Model model)
      Description copied from interface: Validator
      Validates a model and returns a list of validation events.
      model - Model to validate.
      List of validation events.