Interface JsonSchemaMapper

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public interface JsonSchemaMapper
Updates a schema builder before converting a shape to a schema.
  • Method Details

    • getOrder

      default byte getOrder()
      Gets the sort order of the plugin from -128 to 127.

      Plugins are applied according to this sort order. Lower values are executed before higher values (for example, -128 comes before 0, comes before 127). Plugins default to 0, which is the middle point between the minimum and maximum order values.

      Returns the sort order, defaulting to 0.
    • updateSchema

      Schema.Builder updateSchema(Shape shape, Schema.Builder schemaBuilder, JsonSchemaConfig config)
      Updates a schema builder.
      shape - Shape used for the conversion.
      schemaBuilder - Schema builder to update.
      config - JSON Schema config.
      Returns an updated schema builder.