2. Prelude model#

All Smithy models automatically include a prelude. The prelude defines various simple shapes and every trait defined in the core specification. When using the IDL, shapes defined in the prelude can be referenced from within any namespace using a relative shape ID.


Prelude shapes SHOULD be used when possible to minimize duplication in models.

2.1. Prelude shapes#

Smithy prelude#
$version: "1.0"

namespace smithy.api

string String

blob Blob

bigInteger BigInteger

bigDecimal BigDecimal

timestamp Timestamp

document Document

boolean Boolean

boolean PrimitiveBoolean

byte Byte

byte PrimitiveByte

short Short

short PrimitiveShort

integer Integer

integer PrimitiveInteger

long Long

long PrimitiveLong

float Float

float PrimitiveFloat

double Double

double PrimitiveDouble

/// The single unit type shape, similar to Void and None in other
/// languages, used to represent no meaningful value.
structure Unit {}